Hello, and Welcome to Georgia on My Mind.  The name of the site, I give credit to the famous singer that originally that wrote and sing the song, "Ray Charles".  Ray Charles, when he did the song, he did well.  Now, several years later, Michael Bolton, did the return of the song originally done by "Ray Charles".  My name is Thomas Vasas, photographer/owner of Thomas Vasas Photography, based in Columbus, Georgia.  Georgia on My Mind, is personal project, and book series project as well.  I will be traveling through Georgia, every major city and town, and every county in the state.  I can use your support and sponsorship of this project.  If you feel like donating, as this project will consume hotel, and gas money to keep this project going.  So, please donate, and it's for a good cause.  I Thank You very much.

The Video by Michael Bolton